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The CareAsOne Health Innovators’ Community is a network created with the mission to be a place for Chief Information Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, and their leadership teams to come together and create the future of health. This community seeks to be the platform that helps leaders stitch technology and care together. The pool, consisting of the industry’s most exhaustive list of tech innovators, will talk about the biggest challenges in healthcare and how to solve them. Various members from top tech companies, disruptive startups, and venture capitalists will also be a part of the community who will engage in disruptive conversations.
Top CIOs of the healthcare industry will form the governing council for the Health Innovators’ Community in order to overlook and steer the community, finalize agendas and activities, and give a direction and purpose to this network of innovators. This council will not only be the face of this community, but also take necessary steps to address the most pressing issues pertaining to healthcare technology and other disruptive technical developments across the globe.
The healthcare industry is now taking significant steps to incorporate technology for process automation to optimize the care model. In such times, the roles and responsibilities of tech leaders are growing and evolving rapidly. The time has now come for various ‘technology innovators’ to come together and write a new future of healthcare. The Community aims to foster an environment that provides these leaders with the right opportunities to network and share powerful, contemporary insights with their peers, and help them build an arena for the most talked-about technology innovators across the country, including executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, et al., to share their expertise about driving disruptive innovations within their organizations.
If you have worked and contributed into the Healthcare Information Technology sector in some manner or the other, and wish to bring about a change, with like-minded peers, by discussions, research, thought provoking sessions, then this is the platform for you. From CIOs, CDOs, tech leaders and IT directors, each individual working in the field of HIT, is welcome to join this community.
Right from giving you access to exclusively curated written and video based content, to the facility to extensively researched documents & HIT sourcing related advisory, this Community has a plethora of avenues that one can explore. One can build connections with like minded contemporaries, co-author content pieces, attend and organize webinars, podcasts, round table discussions, and meet reputed thought leaders for exclusive dialogues and discussions.
Kindly fill your details in the ‘Join Now’ section on the homepage. Our team will shortly get in touch with you and provide you with further assistance on joining the Community.
No, the Health Innovators’ Community is free of cost and includes no membership charges, in any manner.
No, the Community is open to various personas who have served in the HIT industry, and are truly driven by the idea to bring about a change in the future of healthcare.
Once you join the Community, each member will be assigned a Community Manager. In order to connect with any member of the Community, all you need to do is reach out to your respective manager, who will further get in touch with the concerned member, and facilitate your interaction, suting the comfort of both parties.
Definitely! Please feel free to send the link to your colleagues and have them be a part of this Community.
Once you join the Community, you will remain a lifetime member, and it doesn’t involve any renewals. However, members of the Governing Council may be elected for a certain period of time only.
Yes, the team at CareAsOne is dedicated to bringing out the best that healthcare has to offer, to the world. In case you have any suggestions for members of the Governing Council, please feel free to drop in a mail to
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